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Picto HCH

The elastic rubber cushions are conneted directly to the support tube, sliding devices or other additional components, which are often difficult to clean and are subject to increase wear omitted. Using these new types of cleaners dirty conveyor belts have many years of trouble-free, gentle with a high degree of cleaning performance. 
Here also the operational requirements will be increasingly and smooth operation guaranteed - with minimal wear on the scraper and belt.

The special properties of the HCA cleaner system at a glance:

  • Precision cleaning directly on the discharge pulley
  • flexible self-regulatory techniques (assymetric design)
  • no fold down in reverse
  • load flexible, gentle belt cleaning 
  • ccompact design with appropriate materials, with flexible surface acting and self-cleaning effect
  • easy to install and use
  • pressure flexible adjusting unit
  • no costly spare parts inventory

System recommendation/adapted for:
low and strong material deposits/contamination
- belt speed ≤ 3 m/s
- for sticky materials
- space-critical mounting conditions