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HCD-H Head Cleaner - here: HCD-H(4x200) for belt width 800 mm, suspensions depending of the drum diameter

Hanse Head cleaner of the type HCD-H based on the same support tube asHCD-I and HCD-II Dual Under-Pulley cleaner. When fitted with suspensions and special hard metal blades creates a perfect scraper for cleaning directly on the dscharge pulley. Due to its simple, compact an space-saving assembly, the HCD-H ceaner system installed there will be exactly where the cleaning required.

The slim design of the system simplifies handling.

The special properties of the HCD-H cleaner system at a glance:

  • precision cleaning directly to the discharge drum
  • technical variants and customizable modules for various installation situations and belt widths 
  • no fold down in reverse mode
  • load flexible, gentle belt cleaning
  • compact, stable design
  • easy to install and use
  • pressure flexible adjusting unit
  • no costly spare parts inventory
  • System recommendation/adapted for:
    - medium and strong material deposits/contamination
    higher belt speeds ≤ 5 m/s
    - installation in cramped situations and smaller pulley-diameters- ialso for combination with HCD-I/HCD-II