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Technical Specifications

Aluminium oxide ceramics with an Al2O3 content of approx. 90% to 99% is characterized by high/excellente

  • strength and hardness
  • wear resistance
  • corrosions resistance
  • thermal conductivity
  • toughness
  • temperature resistance
and excellent insulation properties.

Therefore the material is used in many application areas.
Al2O3 content (% by weight): 90/92/96/99.5/99.7 %
Open porosity (Vol %): 0
Surface/water absorption: free of pores, smooth /0
Density (g/cm3) : approx. 3.60 - 3.90
Mohs hardness: approx. 9-9.2
Compression strength (MPa): approx. 2300

The material is produced as plates, cylinders, spheres, or other shaped parts, and if neccessary cut and individually machined.

alo hard ceramics

Notwithstanding the listed and widly used aluminium oxide ceramics are used in special applications targeted special ceramics (eg, SiC, ZrO2) with specific technical and physical properties.


Details on request.