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The cost-effect wear-resistance concept for heavily abrasive materials


In addition to the application-specific belt cleaner technology Hanse Chemie developed wear protection solutions, in particular using high wear-resistant engineering ceramics.
We are guided by the wishes and needs of our clients to find the best possible solution.
Our flexible ceramic mat protection concepts provide an economical and reliable long-term protection including in cases with strong abrasion, where the use of conventional materials such as polymer plastics, steel or fused alumina insuffient lifetimes achieved.
Particulary abrasive and erosive flows of material (ash, fertilizer, ore, gravel, coal, etc.) continuously generate enormous wear and tear an materials handling equipment and plant areas.
Such wear attacks on modern systems with high flow rates significantly reduce the productivity and durability.


ALO Hard Ceramics immediate protection from intensive permanent ongoing wear, abrasion, etc., and help to reduce your maintenance costs massively. Particular fields of application form abrasive highly stressed components of machinery and equipment. The application- , material- and proper lining and installation of ceramic plates, mats and moldings takes place after a thorough assessment of the use of the framework conditions and precise installation plan.


HC KB Rinne 1 large


HC-KB Ceramic concrete is a new , extremely user-friendly product group significantly reduced due to its special material properties of wear of all kinds, in combination with high ambient temperatures and different, uneven surface geometries. The HC-KB-CSR type can be applied as mortar system directly, fully and extensively in variable layer thicknesses on the lined area of the plant, or partially as a repair mortar. Sintered plates and fittings have enormous life-changing and temperature resistance up to 1500 °C.


Hardfacings/Composite panels are frequently used to optimize on plant-specific wear parts with high impact and shock. The technique of overlay-welding makes it possible to repair worn or corroded parts of the system cost or optimize to improve the material properties. To achieve higher service life we supply wear-resistant semi-finished products, composite panels in suitable alloy composition, components with more wear armor as well as complete system components with integrated wear protection.