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General Product Information


We are an innovative, medium-sized company and have been working for over 40 years with the belt cleaner technology, a special section of the conveyor system. Years of experience and the know-how make us a competent and reliable partner. With various advanced belt cleaner systems and techniques we solve diverse and difficult contamination situations effective and permanent.

Our low-maintenance technology is therefore often used in all major European steel mills and

HCD I ai
  • meets the latest maintenance criteria,
  • meets the necessary current safety standards,
  • helps to guarantee the operational safety of the plant.

Our extensive standard product range offers a suitable and tailored to the project conditions belt cleaner model for most applications and different applications or construction conditions.

Hanse Conveyor Belt Cleaner are

  • extremely wear resistant,
  • for most rough operating conditions constructively customized,
  • compact and easy to integrate into existing and new installations,
  • extremely effiicient, flexible and gentle to the belt

We are also your competent partner for customized wear protection solutions in manufacturing and material-handling systems , eg.

  • wear and corrosion resistant ceramic linings
  • Hard overlay weldings / Hardfacing
  • Composite structures

This range extends from simple wear plates to the complete equipment incl . steel construction by drawing. The focus of any project is always the thorough consultation with selection of suitable wear-materials and techniques. Only then are the long term excellent technical improvements secured , which can be reached with our specially developed and many proven solutions .

Our solutions are based essentially on the use of extremely wear resistant materials such as

  • technical Ceramics,
  • impact resistant overlay welded armor materials,
  • especially suitable hard metals,
  • application-specific polymer materials with excellent sliding properties.

Together with our partners we manufacture mechanical and plant parts for various applications. Our delivery options include assembly, turning, milling and welding parts.
Our nearest production facilities:  

BA 3D Modell
  • Turned parts manufactured on ultra-modern CNC machines
  • Milled parts produced on modern NC and CNC machines (5 - axes)
  • Welding: MIG, MAG, TIG, MMA
  • Partner Services: grinding, honing, painting, curing, CAD/CAM designs etc. Especially large-sized components and system components heavier than 3 t we can customize by renowned partners

We do everything to ensure that the products supplied by us to fully meet your requirements . A variety of clients from different industries rely on the known reliability and product quality of our company.