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The HCC Under Pulley Cleaner was essentially developed for flexible, gentle cleaning of soiled conveyor belts, including for extremely installation conditions with limited space. The system is suitable due to its very compact design and assembly for a variety of conveyor belt conditions, operational situations and terms of conveyance. Coupled with a very slim design allows the HCC scraper to solve the problems of self-contamination much better, especially strong material build-up on the cleaning decvice in very wet and sticky bulk materials. HCC cleaners fulfill tasks in conveyor belt systems with extreme contamination and materials with special tendency to build up, e.g. gypsum, bauxite, sinter.

The special characteristics of the HCC - belt cleaner system at a glance:

  • flexible self-regulatory techniques (assymetric design)
  • technological variants and customizable modules for various installation situations and belt width
  • no fold down in reverse mode
  • load flexible, gentle belt cleaning
  • easy to install and use
  • pressure flexible adjusting unit
  • no costly spare parts inventory

System recommendation/adapted for:
low and strong material deposits/contamination
- belt speed ≤ 3 m/s
- for sticky materials
- space-critical mounting conditions