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Hanse Chemie is a supplier of hard metals for various special applications, particularly if higher the material demands were placed on components. 
The area of ​​application and the technical requirements are crucial criteria for the composition and selection of the carbide grade.
In order to satisfy the extreme abrasive stresses and contamination situations, long-proven system components and materials have specially developed to be used in practice.
For our robust and durable scraper technology exclusively high quality, extremely abrasion resistant, very highly compressed and fine-grained sintered carbide grades are used, ensuring a gentle cleaning of the rubber belts and long service life .
The carbide tips of the belt cleaner lamellas used for this purpose are generally soldered what a secure and permanent connection guaranteed.
Even under extreme loads and very long operating times this scraper blades have an excellent and tied gentle strength structure and have relatively homogeneous rub-off effects even with uneven running or wavy belts.