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Hanse Vibrating Roller/Vibration cleaner (HVR) have been developed as an alternative to conventional cleaning technique as well as secondary scraper complementary systems for the final cleaning of using belt cleaners.

The HVR-system is particularly suitable for materials with very fine-grained, dusty and dry components that adhereto the belt or get stuck in the pores. With very abrasive and sharp materials enables the use of the vibration technique, in contrast to the scarper technology an almost friction-free cleaning of conveyor belts.HVR optimizes and automates the process of cleaning belts and minimizes maintenance costs.

The Vibrating Roller can be used for the cleaning of belts with profile or corrugated edges where scraper bars or laminar cleaners not can be used, or where no cleaning brushes achieve sufficient cleaning performance or life-time, or where the brush bristles stick too fast.

HVR is very compact and is mounted between the top and bottom run. The adjustment is based on screwes at the outer left-and-right-side adjuster brackets.


HVR Vibration Cleaner with 2 counter-rotating electric vibrators

HVR freigestellt 1

HVR Vibration cleaner with pneumatic linear vibrators