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About us


Company Profil
Hanse Chemie GmbH is an innovative owner-managed, medium-sized company with a focus in the area of ​​conveyor technology and plant construction. The company, founded by Ullrich Carsjens 1974, was initially based on the trade and worldwide distribution of chemical products, minerals and raw materials. From this, the name affixes "Chemie=chemistry" and "Handelsgesellschaft mbH=trade company" derive. For original trading business came early own developments and products, with business activities focused on the core areas of belt cleaning and the installation-specific wear protection. Both are specially usually demanded in parallel conveyors, connected to the need for high quality technical solutions and durable components. The specializing in the manufacture, production and development of robust and efficient scrapers and durable plant components we see today as a task and challenge. The power range of our Absteifertechnik ranges from a broad standard product range, which provides a matching belt cleaner model for most applications and most diverse installation conditions, to special custom for complex installation situations and conditions. The years of experience and the necessary know-how make us a competent partner who is able to perfectly and permanently satisfying to solve diverse and difficult situations of pollution belt systems. We provide wear and corrosion resistant linings, composite structures and assemblies, from simple wear plates up to a complete equipment including steel structures. Mainly based on extremely wear-resistant materials such as technical ceramics, impact resistant and overlay welded armor materials, specially suitable carbides or application-specific polymeric materials with excellent sliding properties. We do everything to ensure that the products supplied by us fully meet your requirements. The name Hanse Chemie is a byword for reliability and innovative solutions, which is also reflected in a number of patents.


    The past is the root of the future. Or - how evolved from a commercial and distribution structure an innovative company.                         

  • - 1974     Ullrich Carsjens founds in Düsseldorf Hanse Chemie Handelsgesellschaft mbH, a company with global trade patterns and connections that reach up to Japan.
  •  - 1983     Relocation to Mönchengladbach, Rheydter Str. 284, the current headquarters
  •  - 1983     Edeltrud Carsjens enters the company, after 10 years at Deutsche Bank in Dusseldorf     
  • - 1988     Innovation: development of special hard ceramic mats with a curved surface, used to reduce wear
  • - 1989     Innovation: belt cleaner system with resiliently deflectable individual segments, prototype of HCM I and HCM II - scrapers .
  • - 1995     Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Wettstein is at the beginning of 1996 employees of the company Hanse Chemie Handelsgesellschaft mbH, after 1 year of professional activities
                    for the company
  • - 1995     Innovation: belt cleaner system with automatic adjusting units from resilient materials
  • - 1996     Introduction of computer-based programs to create drawings (CAD) and documentation files
  • 1996     Innovation: HCM II scraper with internal U-shaped profile and insert elements for changing the elastic property of the torsion rubber cushion
  • - 2000     Innovation: belt cleaner system with individually removeable base bodies on the support element and window-like opening
  • - 2003     Innovation: HCC scraper for particularly narrow installation situations and caking intensive bulk materials
  • - 2003     Innovation: Device for the electronic monitoring of a conveyor belt cover with a belt cleaner system (BMC)
  • - 2007     Innovation: Belt cleaning by transmission of vibrations with electric vibrators and pneumatic pneumatic vibrators; prototype HVR
  • - 2009     Lars Carsjens enters the company
  • - 2010     Innovation: wear plates made of abrasion-resistant ceramic concrete (HC-KB) with embedded metal mesh and welding openings
  • - 2010     Innovation: rubber conveyor belt with wear reduction moldings
  • - 2012     Innovation: multifunctional HCD-scraper system, from which can be configured different models (Underpulley-, Head-, Innerbelt- and DUAL / turnover system)
                     depending on the composits
  • - 2013     Innovation: Belt cleaning by transmission of vibrations with unbalanced motor, redesign of HVR-cleaner system
  • - 2014     The 40-year anniversary is overshadowed by the death of the general manager Ullrich Carsjens
  • - 2015     Lars Carsjens is authorized representative of the company. After the death of her husband Edeltrud Carsjens takes over the management.